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Uniformed security guards on your site are a proven and reliable way to deter and reduce the chances of criminal activity.

Here at Ex Servicemen Security, we specialize in providing highly trained and very effective security guard services to business and residential properties throughout the Vancouver, Surrey and Langley areas.

Our committed security guard personnel are highly trained to look for and stop any potential criminal activity before problems begin. We will closely monitor entry and exit points to a site or building, regularly checking to ensure they remain secure and un-tampered with.

Our guards will also conduct important monitoring and recording of site activity for future review, should it ever be needed. Things like vehicle license plates, descriptions of suspicious people and logs of times and dates are all recorded and backed up so that we can access them quickly and easily should we ever need to.

The Ex Servicemen security guard team provides a highly visible presence on your site, acting as an effective deterrent to would-be criminals. Often, simply the presence of a visible security guard company on a site is enough to push criminals to move on to other targets.

However, if a visible security guard company presence isn't enough, our trained and highly experienced security guards will be sure to deal quickly and effectively with unwanted intruders and suspicious persons found in or around the site area.

A Reliable Security Guard Service in vancouver

Ex Servicemen, stationary guards will assist in deterring unwanted intruders, vandalism and possible threats to various properties. The benefit of having a stationary guard patrolling the premises is so all entries are verified and documented ensuring consistency and discretion.

Any unverified intruder will immediately be escorted off the property. If the intruder does not want to leave or is under suspicion for any other criminal activity, they will be further questioned. If need be, we will make an arrest and the police will be called for further legal action.

Take pride in knowing protection is close, employees will appreciate the sense of safety that a stationary security guard brings.

Ensured Security with Wiretime

Where appropriate, Ex-Servicemen Security Guards use Wiretime Patrol Technology to ensure all sensitive points are patroled and verified, and provides compliance reports and consistent response and messaging.  This mobile technology can send out alerts and protects your guards and your property.  

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All of our security guards take pride and professionalism in their work, so you can be sure that visitors, guests, and staff alike will be welcomed courteously and professionally upon entrance to the site or building.

Where necessary, credentials can be checked quickly and the visitor welcomed and directed to the appropriate point person on site.

We provide security services to companies of all types throughout the entire Vancouver area. Residential security guards, industrial and commercial security guards and even retail and public-facing businesses that require additional security measures such as bars and pubs or high-end retail outlets.

Whatever your situation, if you're looking for a great, reliable and professional security guard company in Vancouver, contact Ex Servicemen Security today.


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