MOBILE security in surrey: mobile guards and alarm response

Mobile patrols in Surrey and alarm responses consist of a thorough exterior check through of commercial buildings, office buildings, retail businesses and residential properties. These Surrey security patrols are optimal for properties that cover a large area, where this is a higher risk of security issues.  

Our professional security guards in Surrey are trained to look for possible crime or the potential of threat to your property. Depending on the property needs, there may be a variety of different patrols incorporated to specific locations. Our mobile patrol guards will provide random security inspections to both the interior and exterior of the property. This helps to discourage potential intruders by using random patrol patterns.

During these patrols, our uniformed security guards will physically check all doors and windows, check for refuse and possible vandalism. This keeps the premise secure and will deter any unwanted visitors.


Adding a mobile security guard service to your business in Surrey is a cost-effective and worthwhile deterrent to would-be thieves and criminals of all kinds. Implementing a mobile patrol service will keep costs down as opposed to hiring a standalone, permanent security guard - all while protecting the property just as effectively.

Our highly trained uniformed mobile security guards will make their presence on-site known. Usually, mobile security is patrolling a site is enough to make any intruders think twice.

As well as acting as a great deterrent for all criminal activity, our mobile security guards keep detailed logs and records of all activity on-site. This helps to ensure that we have accurate records to refer to at a later date should we ever need to. We can record things like vehicle license plates and anything else you may want to keep a track on.


Our mobile security guard services patrol sites of all kinds, from retail spaces to commercial, industrial and even office spaces.

We always encourage our mobile security guards to time their searches and patrols as randomly as possible, to make planning any criminal activity more difficult.

In addition, we can conduct thorough inspections of both the inside and the outside of the property as well as the perimeter of the site or building, to ensure comprehensive security. We'll check things like locked windows and doors, check for refuse and any signs of possible vandalism or activity.

Mobile Security is a great solution for some companies in Surrey & Langley and may be right for you.  

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