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Stationary Guards deter intruders and vandalismEx-Servicemen stationary security guards will assist in deterring unwanted intruders, vandalism and possible threats to various properties.

The benefit of having a stationary guard patrolling the premises is so all entries are verified and documented ensuring consistency and discretion. Any unverified intruder will immediately be escorted off the property. If the intruder does not want to leave or is under suspicion for any other criminal activity, they will be further questioned. If need be, we will make an arrest and the police will be called for further legal action.

Take pride in knowing protection is close, employees will appreciate the sense of safety that a stationary guard brings.

At Ex-Servicemen, we regularly provide stationary or complex/building specific security guards for clients in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, the North Shore, Coquitlam, Langley and throughout the Lower Mainland. 

Whether you need guards for commercial, strata, industrial or residential property, we can provide a properly trained and equipped security guard to fit your needs.   

Stationary Security Guards


Mobile patrols and alarm responses consist of a complete exterior check through of commercial buildings, office buildings, retail businesses, and residential (Condo and Apartments) properties. Our professional security guards are trained to look for potential property threats or crimes.

According to needs, there may be a variety of different patrols incorporated into specific locations. Our mobile patrol guards will provide random security inspections to both the interior and exterior of the property. We encourage randomly timed checks as it discourages potential intruders to establish patrol patterns.

During these patrols, our uniformed security guards will physically check all doors and windows, check for refuse and possible vandalism.

We provide mobile patrols and security services primarily in Surrey & Langley and the Fraser Valley. 

Combining our Live Remote Video Monitoring or CCTV monitoring services with Mobile Security can ensure your property is always under watch and that someone can respond promptly if there is an incident.  

Mobile Security Guard Services


Ensure the safety of all your personnel during a labour dispute or lockout.It is our duty during labour disputes or lockouts to remain impartial, keep the peace, and deliver results. The presence of our security services in these incidents continue to help control consistency and possible disgruntle employees.

At the permission of the client, we may approach the situation with fully uniformed or plain-clothed guards depending on the specifics of the case. Our objective is to ensure the safety of all personnel included in the dispute.


The SilverGuard Security Guard Monitoring System consists of specialized electronic hardware and software components that are used to monitor the activities of security guards during their inspection patrol tours. SilverGuard is a high-tech replacement to the traditional mechanical time clocks used by security personnel.

During a watch tour, the security guard carries the SilverGuard Wand, our patented hand-held reader, and simply touches (waves or scans) this reader to each patrol checkpoint to record the location, date and time of the patrol.

These SilverGuard checkpoints are available in the following forms: iButton, Proximity Tag and Barcode. Patrol information is then transferred via Data Transfer Station to your printer, computer or Central Monitoring Station for processing.

BCS SilverGuard Monitoring System


Ex-Servicemen Security provides guards certified in first aid.A variety of different construction, commercial and industrial clients require occupational first aid level 1 & 2 as a requirement by the Workers' Compensation Board of BC.

Bearing our clients needs in mind, EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY provides stationary security guards certified in occupational first aid level 1 & 2.


Political events, corporate events, and grand openings are just a few examples where our services may be utilized to ensure consistency and success. Allow our expertise to analyze the particulars of the event and determine a security plan based on the budget.

Our management team will create a plan for all possibilities from crowd control to emergency evacuations or protestors. There may be an event in which plain-clothed security guards would be more appropriate, or perhaps both plain-clothed and uniformed.

At EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY, our staff will help navigate through the various challenges to consider when planning an event. People looking for Event Security always contact us immediately. 

Event Security in Surrey, Langley and Vancouver


At EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY, our highly trained officers will greet and screen attendee’s courtesy and with the utmost professionalism, ensure consistency and deter vandalism and riots.

Whether there is the use of a gate, keypad system or vehicle identification decal to enter the premises, having a security guard present will always benefit.

We can control all unauthorized entries, document such things as vehicle license plate numbers and the times of in and outs to the property, having someone onsite also helps deter criminal activity.

Access Control Services


residential protection guard servicesEX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY offers both stationary as well as mobile patrol services for our residential clients.

Our fully marked and uniformed security guards provide a great deterrent to vandalism and property damage.

A daily report will be generated detailing any activity or changes to the property and if necessary, the emergency contact (provided beforehand) will be notified immediately.


The bicycle and or golf cart is one of our most preferred means of patrolling.

This is the quickest mode of transportation available for our security guards in any situation where the property is rather large such as car dealerships, parking lot environments, special event and truck yards.


Ex-Servicemen knows there may be times where extra protection is needed for employees to travel to and from vehicles, to various building, or anywhere else they might not feel fully secure. We are here and ready to provide that safety and protection.


Ex-Servicemen offers effective results in both full inform and plain clothed security guards while remaining completely anonymous to shoplifters.

Our team of specially trained professionals hones in on thieves casually and with just the right patients to either discourage crime or gather enough evidence to make an arrest.

We have a proven track record of improving shrink levels and overall employee satisfaction. At EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY, we continue advancing our skills to remain the best we can possibly be for our clients.


key holding servicesAt Ex Servicemen Security Services we offer a convenient and simple key holding service.

Utilizing a unique key control system, we secure our clients' keys on site using a highly secured storage vault with the capacity to hold multiple keys. If an alarm was to sound, this procedure has proven to be more effective and increase response times.

Our highly trained security guards will then complete a full foot patrol and conveniently access the storage vault by using a master PIN and key.

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