Alarm Response & Mobile Patrol - Surrey & Langley

At Ex-Servicemen, we offer dependable mobile patrol in the Fraser Valley. We can take care of keys and lockups in the Surrey or Langley areas and randomly patrol throughout off-hours to ensure your property is safe.  We have a wide variety of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Complex clients. 

Our guards are trained to randomize their patrols and to look for signs of any suspicious activity or other threats to people and property. Regular mobile patrols ensure any problems are identified and dealt with quickly and efficiently.  

Mobile Patrols for Construction Sites are also a cost-effective option for many clients depending on your needs and the likelihood of incidents. Combined with Live Remote Video Monitoring and/or alarm response, mobile patrols can offer good protection for what is sometimes a high target property.  Once you reach lockup and near building completion, mobile alarm response may be your most efficient security plan.  The experienced team at Ex-Servicemen can discuss the best options for your timing and budget.   

Combine Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response with Live Video Monitoring

You can also combine our Live Remote Video or CCTV Monitoring with our Alarm Response Services.  With our mobile fleet on the road at all hours, we can respond promptly to alarms & other emergencies on your property and inform you of what action is needed and contact the appropriate authorities. 

Whether an alarm is triggered by an automated system or one of our technicians in the Vancouver area who is monitoring your live video feed, Ex-Servicemen Security is your one-stop-shop for complete security services.  

Contact Ex Servicemen Security Today for a Quote on our Mobile Patrol or Alarm Response Services.  

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