Ex-Servicmen Security now offers LIVE Video Monitoring

All of our Remote Video Monitoring is done live, in the Lower Mainland, in real time.

(Many companies sub-contract this work out overseas to people that don’t know the area or your business. We monitor in real-time in Vancouver. )

Remote Video Monitoring can be helpful, but it is only effective at protecting people and property if it is monitored in real-time by trained personnel in the Vancouver area that can actually initiate a response when needed. Combined with advanced Video Analytics, Remote Live Video Monitoring can be an efficient and cost-effective solution to your security challenges.  CCTV Remote Monitoring will ensure incidents are responded to promptly.  

By remote monitoring your video feeds in real-time with trained personnel in the Vancouver Area, we can respond immediately and appropriately to incidents on your property. It is the best way for you to protect your people and your building or site.

Remote Video Monitoring can be the perfect supplement to a security guard on large sites when covering the whole area is difficult and it allows video feeds to be monitored when guards are on patrol. It ensures that all events are better covered and documented. All videos are backed up and available for review, training, prosecution, security improvement and insurance purposes.

The monitoring team at Ex-Servicemen will know your business and the area it is in. If the police or other emergency responders have to be called, we will be familiar with the area and can provide appropriate instruction or key information unlike an off-shore company.  Should there be unexpected property damage such as flooding or wind damage, we can contact the property manager and work with them to get plumbers or other repair teams on site. Our mobile guards are available for dispatch if needed as well.  

Surveillance System & CCTV Installation & Monitoring all in one. 

The experienced team at Ex-Servicemen Security aims to be the one phone call you have to make to implement a Security Camera Monitoring System with live, remote monitoring, guards, and mobile response.  Our team Designs, Installs, and Monitors Remote Live Video Systems, whether your site uses our guards & mobile patrols or not. We have years of experience working with Security Monitoring Systems and integrating them with the work our guards do.  We cover Commercial, Retail, and Industrial properties.

Rent OR LEASE Your Security Camera System & Equipment

Through Ex-Servicemen, Remote Video Monitoring Equipment Rentals are available. Rentals are perfect for short term events or and leases are perfect for construction sites or new businesses.  Avoid the startup expense of new equipment. If you don't need your equipment for the long term, you can rent or lease top quality cameras, cabling, and wireless communications equipment.

If you think Remote Video Monitoring is a good option to consider, contact Ex-Servicemen Security today to discuss the right plan and options for you.

Expertise in Installing Video Surveillance Cameras

At Ex-Servicemen Security, our years of experience in remote monitoring and live security guard placements have given us exceptional insight into CCTV installation & video surveillance cameras. We know where the problems happen and how to protect your property with a live, remote security monitoring surveillance system - monitored in real-time for a fast response to any problems on your property.  Your security cameras will be monitored live in Vancouver by someone familiar with the area and your property.  

Contact our team of industry specialists for the opportunity to sit with you and discuss the particulars of your security needs.
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