The Advantages of Live Remote Video Monitoring

Worried that you might be the next victim of a break-in or vandalism? Well, you are not alone. Burglary and property damage are on the rise, putting you, your construction site, your commercial property, or your your business at risk. If you are looking for a proactive video surveillance solution, Ex-Servicemen Security has you covered. Read on to learn the advantages of live remote video monitoring.

Quick response times

No one wants to be faced with crimes like theft or vandalism. But with a traditional CCTV system, the most you can hope for is an image of the perpetrator(s) long after the offence is done. With remote live video surveillance services, trained personnel will be observing feeds in real-time, allowing security guards to respond to wrongdoings swiftly and appropriately on your property.


Hiring an on-site security guard is an effective way to prevent crime and deter intruders. But if you are looking for ways to cut down on security costs, using remote video monitoring is an affordable option. When you need a cost-effective answer to security, this is the proactive security solution you have been searching for.

Crime reduction

Theft, trespassing, and vandalism are surging across the Lower Mainland. Don’t fall victim to crime when you don’t have to. Video surveillance specialists will be alerted the moment anything suspicious happens. Once notified, agents will contact the proper authorities, stopping criminals in their tracks and protecting your home or your business.

Round-the-clock protection

Crime never sleeps – your security shouldn’t either. Thieves and vandals are always lurking in the shadows, looking for the chance to wreak havoc on your property. Don’t give them one. Remote video monitoring ensures your commercial property or place of residence is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Multiple property coverage

Without the right surveillance system in place, big properties can have big security problems. Using advanced video analytics, a video surveillance team can survey multiple cameras feeds from across multiple locations at once. This is an effective feature for those who need to protect several buildings.

No more false alarms

Did you know that most calls police receive to inspect premises are false alarms? With remote video monitoring, action is only taken when necessary. This will allow the operator to contact emergency services for the fastest and most reliable response.

When it comes to the security of your building, don’t leave anything to chance. Using live remote video monitoring services will go a long way to protecting your property, personnel, visitors, and the ones you care about.

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