EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY: Handling Your Homeless Security Issues Professionally and Compassionately

Industrial & Commercial Security Guards

Do you own or manage industrial or commercial property in Langley or Surrey? Are you looking for an effective security solution for today’s vagrant and homeless problem? EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY has you covered 24 hours a day!

With the homeless numbers increasing during the summer months, more and more business owners are turning to our security guards to protect their property, as well as to help make their customers and employees feel safe.

The Right Communication Skills

When it comes to dealing with a transient population, great communication skills are a must. EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY has the experience and skills to effectively communicate with the homeless. Our professional officers understand the sensitivity of every interaction and act in a compassionate but firm manner.

Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response

Whether your business is in Langley or Surrey, our mobile security team offers frontline prevention against theft, vandalism, and other acts of crime.

Our Mobile Patrols in Surrey & Langley provide complete interior and exterior checks around your commercial and industrial property. Our security guards conduct extensive inspections of the entire location, checking all points of entry as well as the perimeter of the building. 

If you have Live, Remote Monitored CCTV or Security Cameras or Alarm Systems, we can provide a fast response to any issues, preventing them from becoming serious issues.  

On-Site Security Guard Safety

EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY specializes in providing tailored on-site security guard services. Our committed security guard personnel are highly trained to spot potential threats and stop criminal activity before it happens.

A stationed uniformed security team on your premises provides an effective deterrent, helping to discourage homeless individuals from accessing your commercial or industrial property.

24/7 Protection

Vagrant criminal activity can happen any time of the day or night. Don’t be an easy target for opportunists looking to gain access to your premise.

When your commercial or industrial property needs round-the-clock protection, rest easy knowing your business will be under surveillance 24 hours a day.

Fast Response Times

In the event of a theft or break-in, you need a security company you can rely on to get to your commercial property fast. That is where EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY comes in.

Our security personnel provide an immediate response, efficiently and safely neutralizing the criminal activity until first responders arrive. To stop crime from happening at your property, make your first call to the leading security company in Langley and Surrey.

If you are searching for a security guard company that thoroughly understands the homeless situation and what it takes to effectively deal with this sensitive issue, look no further than EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY.

For complete protection of your commercial or industrial property or to discuss how we can protect your employees and property in Surrey and Langley, contact EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY today.

Contact our team of industry specialists for the opportunity to sit with you and discuss the particulars of your security needs.
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