Why You Need Private Security for Your Construction Site

Construction sites are not like other businesses. They are dynamic and open work environments, filled with expensive materials and equipment thieves can’t wait to get their hands on. If you are looking to protect your business from potential threats, here are the common reasons why you need access control and private security for your Vancouver construction site.

construction site security in Vancouver

Deters theft

There is no doubt about it, construction sites are favourite targets for criminals looking to steal equipment or vandalize your location. And if you are like most business owners, the last thing you want on your plate is to deal with the headaches and high costs associated with lost or stolen property.

By hiring private security, you can sleep well at night knowing your construction site and everything in it is safe and sound from would-be thieves, trespassers, squatters, and vandals.

FIRST AID LEVEL 1 coverage

Very often on the jobsite, there are a few workers who like to stay later than normal daytime hours and finish things up. It is required by WCB to have First Aid Level 1 certified personnel onsite for these hours. At Ex-Servicemen Security, all of our construction security staff are certified in First Aid Level 1 and are capable of meeting WCB requirements.

With Ex-Servicemen, you can keep the job running smoothly, safely, and uninterrupted.

Prevents fire

With all that combustible material laying around, the tiniest spark or flame can wipe out an entire construction site, fast. And if your workspace doesn’t have a fire safety system installed, even a single fire incident can shut your site down for good.  

qualified security team is trained to monitor your site, making sure the workers and the area are safe from the ravages of fire. If you are worried about your business going up in smoke, reach out to an experienced private security company.

Controls access

Construction sites are busy places—a virtual hive of activity in any given day. It is tough enough keeping tabs on your workers without having to worry about strangers walking on and off your site.

Investing in Vancouver private security services mean never having to stress over unauthorized individuals gaining access to your work area, preventing unwanted activity day or night.

Resolves conflict

Disagreements and fights can happen anywhere, including construction sites. And when conflict crops up, you will want someone there to de-escalate the situation before things get out of control.

Fully-trained private security has the skills and the experience to resolve conflict, using the most effective problem-solving techniques to keep your staff safe.

Is your construction site safe from thieves, unforeseen accidents, and staff conflict issues? At Ex-Servicemen Security, we are a progressive and innovative security development company, providing the ultimate in security solutions.

When you need the very best in security services in Vancouver, you can count on Ex-Servicemen Security for all your construction site security needs.

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