What Surrey, BC Crime Statistics Are Telling Us

There is no doubt about the fact that Surrey’s crime rates have been on the rise in recent years. And it isn’t just homeowners who are experiencing this problem. Commercial and business break-ins and theft are also spiking, largely due to a greater increase in people working from home. 

The good news, nevertheless, is that Surrey has received a drop in violent crime so far this year. According to the Surrey RCMP, violent crime fell by 11 percent in the first three months of 2021 compared to the same period last year. Property-related crimes are also on the decline by 28 percent and robberies by 41 percent. 

While these are promising statistics, to be sure, theft on job sites, however, is on the rise. The cost of lumber has gone up a whopping 400 percent, creating a major demand for the product. Due to these skyrocketing lumber prices, culprits are targeting construction sites to steal plywood, equipment, and other building materials. And with no signs of a price drop coming any time soon, expect theft from construction sites to climb.

As crime patterns continue to evolve, so must residents’ responses to them. That is where a security services Surrey solution comes into play. If you are looking to prevent unnecessary costs and delays, it is vital to protect your construction site against theft and vandalism.

Security Companies in Surrey recommend the following tips to deter possible thefts from job sites: 

  • Put up a fence

    Using temporary fencing will help deter trespassers from gaining access to your property.  

  • Keep thorough records of inventory

    Maintaining complete records of your inventory will help law enforcement recover your items.  

  • Use good lighting

    A well-lit site will make it a challenge for thieves to remain unseen. 

  • Invest in high-quality padlocks 

    Only use strong, high-quality locks to prevent unauthorized entry and theft. A company like Abloy has a great reputation for quality padlocks. 

  • Regularly inspect your site

    Check your site frequently for possible entry points and correct them to prevent future criminal activities. 

  • Consider construction site security in Surrey

    When standard deterrence methods simply are not enough, employ a security company. Professional security guard providers offer a variety of services, including live remote video monitoring, mobile patrol and alarm response, and 24-hour stationary security guards. 

Construction site theft is a low-risk, high-reward crime, costing the industry millions of dollars. Don’t give would-be criminals easy access to your tools, machinery, and building materials. With a security guard company working for you, reduce your risk of becoming just another statistic.  

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