Security Services And The Homelessness Crisis

The homelessness crisis in the Lower Mainland has been steadily growing over the years. For this reason, more and more people are turning to security guards for help, from preventing costly vandalism to protecting staff and customers. Security officers can help bring a greater level of safety to buildings and neighbourhoods. Read on to learn why hiring security services is crucial during these trying times.

Deter crime and theft

One of the biggest benefits of hiring security guards is that they can help deter crime and theft in your business. With so many people on the streets these days, it’s important to keep your property safe from those who may be looking for an easy target.

Keep your employees and customers safe

Businesses are increasingly concerned about the safety of their employees and customers as well as their physical assets. Security guards can help ensure your business is safe by providing a more secure environment for employees and customers alike.

Reduce insurance costs

One of the top reasons businesses should consider hiring security guards is to reduce insurance costs related to theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other property damage claims. Having a security guard can help reduce these costs significantly by deterring criminals from targeting your business or facility in the first place.

Aid with medical emergencies

Homeless people often have medical conditions that go untreated until they require emergency care. The homeless population is also more likely than others to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia — all of which can trigger behavioural problems. Hiring security guards can help ensure that these individuals receive medical attention as soon as possible so they don't harm themselves or others while they're waiting for an ambulance crew to arrive on the scene.

Protect property from vandalism and damage

Property owners who hire security guards can avoid paying for repairs caused by homeless people who may target businesses for valuables. Security guards can also help prevent theft and vandalism by patrolling your property and deterring homeless people from entering it.

Prevent violence

Security guards don’t only prevent theft — they also prevent violence! They will step in if they witness a fight or other altercation between two parties and make sure no one gets hurt. Security guards are trained to look for signs of mental illness and substance abuse so that they can help those who need it, de-escalating situations before they spiral out of control.

Provide a sense of security and peace of mind

When you hire guards, you are sending a message that your neighbourhood cares about its residents and visitors. This can help provide some comfort to those who live or work nearby, especially if they have concerns about their safety or property.

The homeless crisis is an ongoing issue that affects everyone. With the homeless population growing at an alarming rate, safety and security has become more important than ever before. The benefits of hiring security guards are clear. Not only do they help keep your community safe, but they can play a role in helping the homeless population.

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