Does EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY provide security outside of the Lower Mainland?
Yes, Ex Servicemen covers all of BC.

Is EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY a public or private company?
EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY is a private company.

What does EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY specialize in?
EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY specializes in security guard services, mobile patrols and alarm response.

Where is EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY’s head office?
EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY is located in Surrey at 13488 66A Ave, Surrey, BC, V3W 6M3

Does EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY feel the Police cannot manage their job alone?
Not at all, EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY offers additional vigilance and targets specific residences and businesses.

Is the expectation EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY will eventually expand nationally?
Growth is always positive and it is something that has been considered when the time is right.

Is there pressure to commit to either stationary guard or alarm response services from Ex Servicemen?
Not at all! Our commitment is to ensure our clients security needs are being met and that changes from situation to situation.

How much does EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY charge for both stationary and mobile patrol services?
A member of our team of industry specialist will sit with you and discuss the particulars of your security needs. We will, at no charge provide you our professional recommendations and suggestions on what services will best suit your situation. The prices vary as each client has different requirements.

What type of training do EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY Guards have?
All licensed security guards must complete a mandatory Basic Security Training course mandated by the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This 64 hour course covers all the necessary information and tools you will need to fulfill your duties as a security guard such as legal matters, note taking, fire suppression systems, alarm systems, verbal communication and conflict resolution. Once they have completed the training they must now apply for a Security License. The applicant must submit recent photos, fingerprints and complete a thorough application form which is regulated by the Solicitor-General in Victoria. The applicant will receive his or her license only after a criminal record check has been completed. In addition all our guards are retired military army officers, air force officers and government officials giving us that must more credibility and experience in the field.

What are the expectations of the guards during a working shift?
The Guard will be supplied a detailed list of duties and procedures which have been decided at an earlier day by the client and an Ex Servicemen supervisor. Client needs are unique therefore we ensure constant communication between the clients and us.

Can an EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY guard make an arrest?
Yes, our team of specially trained professionals hone in on thieves casually and with just the right patients to either discourage crime, or gather enough evidence to make an arrests.

Contact our team of industry specialists for the opportunity to sit with you and discuss the particulars of your security needs.
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