Events Are Back - Time to Book Your Event Security

Events are back! Since last March, cities and provinces across Canada issued stay-at-home orders causing the cancellation of upcoming events. But as vaccination rates continue to rise and governments loosen their COVID-19 restrictions, festivals, sports, and other events are expected to return to their pre-pandemic glory.

As British Columbians prepare for a summer filled with a slew of music festivals, sporting matches, trade shows, and community events, now is the perfect time to book event security. Let’s dive deeper into why our security services are vital during events. 

Event Security Planning 

Long before security guards show up at your event, EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY is hard at work designing a security plan. In response to your venue’s specific protection needs, we offer tailored security solutions, certifying the safety and success of your event. 

Our team will evaluate your event location, establish evacuation routes, and identify potential threats. Based on this information, we will put together a comprehensive security strategy to ensure your staff, guests, and property are fully protected.

Crowd Control 

When crowd control is not enacted properly, an event of any size can quickly get out of control. And if you serve alcohol at your event, the likelihood of a commotion increases even further. 

Crowds of people can be dangerous, both to themselves as well as to workers and the venue. Having EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY at your location can help keep things calm, orderly, and smooth for everyone.

Screening Guests 

If your event is only open to specific members, our security team will verify your guests' credentials. Experienced guards will take steps to prevent people from entering without the proper identification, asking individuals to leave if they are not invited. 

Even if identity checks aren't required, our guards will carefully, but respectfully, check guests for weapons. By hiring our security service for your upcoming event, you can rest easy knowing your special occasion is under the watchful eye of a professional security company. 

High-Profile Guest Security

Hiring security guards is essential if you plan on hosting high-profile guests or celebrities to your event. You are responsible for ensuring your guests' safety and security, so make sure you work with a security team that has the skills and training to protect VIPs. 

Our security guards will safeguard all entry and exit points, preventing the media, press, and paparazzi from entering your venue. With our security guards in charge of your high-profile guests, rest assured nobody will get close to them without proper authorization.

Protection Of Property

Whether it is due to accidents, a rowdy crowd, or even malicious participants, venues are susceptible to damage. If there any venue requirements you need to follow, you could be legally liable for the destruction of property. Stationing our event security around the location can help prevent damage should anything go wrong.

There is a lot that goes into planning an event. While you are securing the location, employing the staff, or booking the entertainment, don’t forget arranging security. It could make all the difference between a safe, secure, and successful event. 

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