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Political events, corporate events, music events, and grand openings—there is a lot that goes into making your event a success. But with all that planning and organizing, make sure not to overlook the security details. Your guests, staff, presenters, and performers are all counting on you for their safety. If you are overseeing a special event in Surrey, don’t worry, Ex-Servicemen has you covered. Read on to learn why our event security services are a must for any special occasion. 


Access control 

The world is full of things outside of our control, but one area that you can prevent problems is stopping gate crashers from ruining your event. You’ve put a lot a time and effort into creating an exclusive affair. But when you have a large gathering, it can be overwhelming trying to keep tabs on who is coming and going. 

Don’t let uninvited guests invade your event. At Ex-Servicemen, our security officers provide security solutions to keep the riff raff out. Whether it is monitoring the guest lists, posting guards at entrances and exits, or escorting undesirables off the premises, our team provides the ultimate in access control.  

Crowd control 

When it comes to large groups of people together, crowd control is a must. If the unthinkable happens, your guests will need to be able to evacuate your event as safely as possible. 

At Ex-Servicemen, we take the safety of you and your guests very seriously. That is why we offer premium event security services. We will professionally maintain crown control, escorting people to the exits safely and quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Guest security and service

Do you want your guests to feel a greater sense of security and peace of mind? Security guards can perform a wide variety of security and service procedures, from checking bags to helping visitors get where they need to go.  

With our team of professionals working for you, you and your guests can feel confident knowing everything is under control. 

Venue requirements 

Depending on the venue you choose, there might be rules and regulations you will need to follow. If things get out of hand, you could be legally liable for property damage, inappropriate behavior, and unlicensed alcohol use. 

Do you need to adhere to your venue requirements? Our event security guard service will ensure the rules are followed, preventing issues from turning into major problems.  

Crime deterrent 

No matter where you are hosting your event, crime is always a possibility. Having a team of fully trained security guards at your special occasion will go a long way to stopping criminal activity before it happens.  

The event security specialists at Ex-Servicemen are fully trained at identifying and addressing signs of criminal behaviour. When our security guards are on the scene, potential criminals keep their hands in their pockets and off your guests’ belongings. 

Organizing a special event? Don’t forget to plan for security. When you and your guests deserve the very best in event security, reach out to Ex-Servicemen

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