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"Through our dealings with your company we have found you to be very professional, thorough and always on time. Overall the services provided at the Temple have been excellent."

Karuna Joshi - President VHCS

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"EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY Service Ltd has fulfilled my security needs and has done so in a professional and diligent manner at times responding to extenuating circumstances over and above the call of duty. I would not hesitate to use their services in the future if required."

Rick Wenzoski - DGS Construction

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"We have found that the services provided were exemplary and all staff was diligent in providing us with securely controlled premises."

Doug Brown - Operations Manager, Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd.

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"We would be happy to recommend your firm to anyone who might need your service."

Garson D. Lee - Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP Chartered Accountants

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"We have been using the services of EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY Services over the past 7 years exclusively at all our projects. After using other companies we found that their employees were the most reliable, courteous and professional in their manner...I would recommend using EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY Services to anyone requiring security staff and am confident in their ability in fulfilling whatever your security needs may be."

Margaret Foster - Intracorp Projects Ltd.

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"We are impressed with the attention to detail and the professionalism of the guards provided. They have prevented theft from our sites as well as being courteous but firm with potential clients and visitors who try to enter the site without authorization."

Noel Richardson - Intracorp Development Ltd.

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"Their service is excellent and all staff are courteous and conscientious in carrying out their duties. Personnel are punctual and provide us with excellent reports.

We will continue to use EX-SERVICEMEN SECURITY on our projects and would recommend them to others requiring security services."

M.R. Houge - President, Mardon Developments Ltd.

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"We are very satisfied with the level of care and professional service they are providing. Their security personnel are very active, diligent, honest and punctual. We will continue providing them contracts for new construction sites we may have in the near future."

Sunny Maan - Site Supervisor, R & D Maan Enterprises Inc.

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